DOCOMOMO_NL lecture and discussion on ‘Sphere dwellings’

DOCOMOMO_NL lecture and discussion on ‘Sphere dwellings’ On Thursday March 24, 19.30-21.30 the Dutch workingparty organizes an online lecture and discussion about the experimental Bolwoningen (sphere dwellings) in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Language will be Dutch. Registration via Aan de noordkant van de binnenstad van ‘s-Hertogenbosch staan 50 bijzondere woningen: de zogenaamde bolwoningen uit 1984 van architect… Continue reading DOCOMOMO_NL lecture and discussion on ‘Sphere dwellings’

Open call for Digital Fellowships

Open call for Digital Fellowships Shared Heritage Africa (SHA): Rediscovering Masterpieces is announcing an open call for Digital Fellowships, which will be awarded to students and young professionals in architecture related fields or with demonstrable interest in architecture, and based in Ghana, Uganda or Nigeria. Deadline for applications is February 15, 2022. The 6 month… Continue reading Open call for Digital Fellowships

16/02 Docomomo Scotland Winter Lecture

Docomomo Scotland Winter Lecture – “Spence’s Canongate Housing: Retrofitting Modern Heritage” On Wednesday, 16 February, Docomomo Scotland is delighted to have Scott Abercrombie of John Gilbert Architects talk about their work conserving and retrofitting Basil Spence’s housing development on the Canongate in Edinburgh’s Old Town.  He will explore the significance of the blocks, the issues identified… Continue reading 16/02 Docomomo Scotland Winter Lecture

Palazzo INA at risk

Palazzo INA at risk The recent administrative simplifications ask for urgent protection of a masterpiece by Piero Bottoni, an important asset for the history of the city of Milan, due to the building’s particularly important interest in 20th century Italian architectural culture. Support us (the school of Architechture at Politecnico Milano) in the procedure to… Continue reading Palazzo INA at risk

7th IDC Paris 2002


3rd IDC Barcelona 1994

Artistic Autonomy or Functional Determinism: The Dilemma of Form in Modern Architecture by Juan Antonio Cortés — Megaform and Landform as a Remedial Strategy by Kenneth Frampton — The Art of Building Cities by Antonio Monestiroli — The Selective Inventory of Modern Movement Works: Monuments vs. Ordinary Architecture by Gérard Monnier — The Division of Functions in the Modern City: The Debate Between CIAM and Team Ten by Dennis Sharp — The Problem and Myth of Technology in Modern Movement Architecture by Ignasi de Solà-Morales — The Critical Restoration of Modern Architecture by Bruno Reichlin

2nd IDC Dessau 1992

The Functionalist Dwelling, Successes and Failures: Model Werkbund Estates, Case Studies by Jadwiga Urbanik — Conceptions and Conflicts Regarding the Restoration and Renovation of the Settlement ‘Reform’ in Magdeburg by Winfried Brenne — The Phenomenon of ‘Modernity’ in Domestic Architecture by Erhard Schütz — The Essence of the Modern Movement by Ben Rebel — Conserving the 20th Century Architectural Heritage: Approaches to a Common Problem by Laura Tuominen — Swedish Modern Movement Architecture from the 1930s: Its Characteristics and How to Protect and Take Care of It by Eva Rudberg — Modern Movement Documentation as a Central Resource for Architectural Education by Ivor Richards & Catherine Cooke