Getty Conservation Guest Scholars

Getty Conservation Guest Scholars Deadline – 2 October 2023 On behalf of Getty, Docomomom International would like to draw to your attention that the deadline for Conservation Guest Scholar Program is on 2 October 2023. The Conservation Guest Scholars Program at Getty provides opportunities for professionals to pursue research on topics that contribute to the advancement… Continue reading Getty Conservation Guest Scholars

ICOMOS ISC20C + Getty GCI webinar

ICOMOS ISC20C and Getty Conservation Institute webinar “Introducing the 20cHTF as a Tool for Identifying, Assessing and Celebrating Heritage Places” DOCOMOMO International is pleased to share the invitation from ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on 20th Century Heritage (ISC20C) and the Getty Conservation Institute (GCI) to the introductory webinar “Introducing the 20cHTF as a Tool for… Continue reading ICOMOS ISC20C + Getty GCI webinar