Extended deadline: Call for papers – JOELHO – Journal of Architectural Culture #15 – Architectural Design as a Co-Creation Process

DOCOMOMO International is pleased to announce on behalf of JOELHO and its guest editors the Call for Papers for JOELHO – Journal of Architectural Culture #15 – Architectural Design as a Co-Creation Process. After multiple requests, the the submission deadline for full papers has been extended to 28th February 2023.


Architectural Design as a Co-Creation Process

JOELHO, Journal of Architectural Culture (e|d|arq, University of Coimbra) is going to publish issue number 15 with the title Architectural Design as a Co-creation Process. It aims to explore whether citizen participation in the different stages of the design process has, or may have, tangible consequences for the way the city is projected and experienced. Researchers, educators, and professionals are invited to submit proposals that can contribute to critical discussion on the co-creation of architectural and urban spaces.
We welcome contributions that relate theoretical positioning to practical cases, through graphic and written architectural argumentation, which may be complemented by interdisciplinary dialogue with scientific areas relevant to the co-creation process. Proposals should be framed within the following areas:

1. a critical review of processes, projects, and works of architectural and urban design that are the result of participatory processes;

2. contemporary co-creative practices that include new models and tools for participation that affect action upon the city;

3. pedagogical or research experiments that apply models and tools of urban design and participatory architecture in particular contexts.

Potential contributors should submit the full article in English (4,000 to 6,000 words, plus footnotes and captions), an abstract (with no more than 1000 characters, including spaces) and illustrations by January 31st, 2023. These will be subject to a blind peer-review process.

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Guest Editors
Gonçalo Canto Moniz, Luís Miguel Correia, José António Bandeirinha

Advisory Board
Carolina Quiroga (FADU-UBA, Argentina)
Isabel Ferreira (CES, Portugal)
Milena Tasheva (UASEG, Bulgaria)

The central theme of JOELHO 15 is urban architecture of the 20th and 21st centuries, with a special focus on the way in which a project is revealed as a space for collective engagement. The processes of producing architecture and urban environments have always arisen from transformations brought about by the collective, i.e. by society. The city, moreover, is the space in which these changes are engraved in our collective memory, their origins embedded in cultural, social, economic-financial, and political phenomena, among others.