Student Workshop Istanbul

Student Workshop Istanbul 2006 18 September- 25 September “How to Preserve a Housing Utopia: The Documentation and Sustainability of Modern Heritage, Case Study: Ataköy – Istanbul” DOCOMOMO_Turkey hosted the first International DOCOMOMO Workshop in connection with the IXth International DOCOMOMO Conference, organized in Ataköy – Istanbul prior to the main event. Ataköy wasselected for its… Continue reading Student Workshop Istanbul

9th IDC Ankara 2006

9th International Docomomo Conference Ankara 2006 “Other” Modernisms The conference proceeded from the consensus that the mainstream historiographic construction of twentieth-century modernism through its canonic texts and buildings has marginalized or suppressed some modern trajectories, which are now gaining an unprecedented legitimacy as the subject matter of revisionist histories. Today the exclusive, totalizing and teleological… Continue reading 9th IDC Ankara 2006