2nd International Docomomo Conference


The Functionalist Dwelling, Successes and Failures: Model Werkbund Estates, Case Studies by Jadwiga Urbanik — Conceptions and Conflicts Regarding the Restoration and Renovation of the Settlement ‘Reform’ in Magdeburg by Winfried Brenne — The Phenomenon of ‘Modernity’ in Domestic Architecture by Erhard Schütz — The Essence of the Modern Movement by Ben Rebel — Conserving the 20th Century Architectural Heritage: Approaches to a Common Problem by Laura Tuominen — Swedish Modern Movement Architecture from the 1930s: Its Characteristics and How to Protect and Take Care of It by Eva Rudberg — Modern Movement Documentation as a Central Resource for Architectural Education by Ivor Richards & Catherine Cooke


Rotterdam 1920–40: Case Studies on Urban Conservation by Rob Docter — The Carl-Legien Estate by Bruno Taut in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg: The Relevance of a Large Scale City-planning Concept in the Inner Area of Berlin by Viola Beil — The Urban Activities of Ernst May in Breslau After the First World War by Wanda Kononowicz — The Canadian Experiment in the Modern Neighborhood: Don Mills, Ontario, 1952–54 by Jay Carroll — The City of the Future, the Future of the City and Functional Building in Rotterdam Between the World Wars by Rob Dettingmeijer — Hilversum: A New City of the 1920s by Peter van Dun — Friedrich Weinwurm: The Search for an Answer by Elena Szolgayov

Complex of Buildings

Functionalist Sport Buildings: An Unexpected Docomomo Theme by Marieke Kuipers — The Sanatorium: The Development of a New Functional Type in the Early 20th Century by Quintus Miller — Trade Union School in Bernau by Hannes Meyer by Klaus Jürgen Winkler — Utopian Living in Brazilian Life: Projects of Reidy and Costa by Paul Meurs — The Cultural Environment Study for Bandung by Cor Passchier — Kurt Jonas and a Project for ‘Native Housing’ in South Africa, 1938–39 by Eitan Karol

Documentation and Registration

Modern Architecture in the Latium Region: Classification and Safeguard Issues by Giuseppe Strappa — The Polish Modern Movement and its International Relations by Andrzej Olszewky — Critical Analysis and Computer Reconstructions of Three Unbuilt Projects by Giuseppe Terragni — Cold Steel and Hot Sunshine: The Neutra, Soriano and Ellwood Collections at Cal Poly Pomona by Neil Jackson & Barbara Lamprecht — Source for a Study of Modern Movement Architecture by Klára Kubicková — Architectural Periodicals in Belgium, 1918–40: Modernism Published by Luc Verpoest


Construction and Physics of the Buildings of the Modern Movement: Aschrott-Altersheim by Otto Haesler in Kassel by Berthold Burkhardt, Roland Dorn & Benedikt Holze — Three Public Buildings of the 1930s in Rome: Analysis and Reuse Problems by Rinaldo Capo, Stefania Morati & Rosalia Vittorini — Restoration of the Villa Noailles (Robert Mallet-Stevens, 1923) by Cécile Briolle & Jacques Repiquet — Le Corbusier’s Unité d’Habitation: Restoration Strategies and Techniques by Pier Giovanni Bardelli — The History and Restoration Proposals for the Lawn Road Flats from 1930 until 1992 by Christopher Dean — Marble Facings in Italian Architecture from the 1930s by Sergio Poretti — A Restoration project in Brazil and its Theoritical Considerations by Anna Beatriz Galvão — Bergpolderflats: Too Fit to Survive? by Wessel de Jonge

Architectural History: Robert Mallet-Stevens: The Cavrois House (1931–32) and the Modern Movement in the North of France by Richard Klein — Conserving Groups of Modernist Buildings from the 1930s by Katalin Kiss — Architect Erkki Huttunen and the Modern Movement in Finland by Teppo Jokinen — The Palace of Young Pioneers in Tver by Dietrich Schmidt — Leningrad Architect A.I. Dmitriev and his Contribution to the Development of Modern Movement Architecture by Boris Kirikov — The ‘Red Banner’ Factory by Eric Mendelsohn in Leningrad and its Influence on the Development of Leningrad Architecture by Maria L. Makagonova — The Core of the Matter: The ‘Katterug’ Estate in Tilburg (Van den Broek en Bakema, 1960–63) by Arjen Oosterman — Modern Architecture in Southern Italy by Clementina Barucci — Ireland and the New Architecture, 1900–40 by Sean Rothery — Functionalist Architecture in the Spa Towns in Slovakia: Three Examples by Lubomir Mrna — Sverdlovsk: A Town Unique for its Heritage of Constructivist Architecture by Ludmilla Tokmeninova — Recent Restorations of Works by Giuseppe Terragni (1904–1943): Casa del Fascio (Como), Casa Rustici (Milan) by Alberto Artioli

Additional Essays

Rome: Setting-up of a Workshop for the Maintenance of the Public Residential Building Stock by Alessandra Montenero — J.L.M. Lauwericks’s Influence Upon the Development of the Modern Movement by Edwin S. Brierley — Ir. Albert Boeken (1891–1951) by Jan Molema — Jirí Kroha and the Interwar Flat Architecture in Slovakia by Jan Sedlák — Is Restoration Fashionable, Also for Modern Monuments? The Urgent Need for a Register by Maristella Casciato — Gropius in London: Modernism and Tradition by Louise Campell — Nirwana 1929–92 by Rainer Bullhorst — Problems of Reconstruction and Usage in the Narkomfin Apartment House in Moscow by Vladimir A. Rezvin — Forming the Functionalist Principles in Moscow’s Architecture of the Beginning of the 20th Century by Maria Nashchokina