Summer workshop “The Museum of Modern Architecture and the Mediterranean (MMAM)”

Registration is open for 2022 UMAR Summer School “The Museum of Modern Architecture and the Mediterranean” held in Ioannina for an intensive week, from September 4-10. The event is co-organized by DOCOMOMO Greece.

Addressing the themes proposed by UMAR, participants will be encouraged to explore, map out and narrate a variety of local Mediterranean 20th-century architectural traditions to enrich our understanding of their common elements, as well as their distinct conditions, define areas of controversy, and construct the tools that will enable both their negotiation and representation, while, at the same time, creating ways to communicate their research to the broader audiences of MMAM.

The MMAM workshop situates itself in an interstice space between theory (history, critique) and design, in an attempt to locate a Modern Architectural identity of the Mediterranean and investigate its potential representation(s) in an open and critical manner. For more information, please visit the Summer Workshop website.