Heritage in Danger: The Partisan Memorial Cemetery in Mostar

The Partisan Memorial Cemetery in Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) by Bogdan Bogdanović is on the list of 11 most endangered monuments and heritage sites in Europe for 2023, announced by Europa Nostra and the European Investment Bank Institute. This 300m long paved ceremonial pathway is one of the largest anti-fascist monuments and sites in the Balkans.

The Advisory Panel of the 7 Most Endangered Programme commented: “The original design of the Partisan Memorial Cemetery in Mostar deliberately avoids the use of political or religious symbolism but makes use of cosmological symbols reminiscent of pre-Columbian remains and perhaps also referencing similar elements present in medieval sites in Bosnia and Herzegovina. As such, it is an outstanding example of the high-quality commemorative culture rooted in anti-fascist ideals within SFR Yugoslavia. At the time when Europe seeks to assert and put a much stronger emphasis on the vital importance of the shared values which form the very basis of the entire European project, this significant place of memory located in the Western Balkans should be restored with the support of local, national and European funds and protected for present and future generations.”

Architectuul will be holding a talk on this memorial monument on March 21, 2023 at 18:00. Join on Zoom here.

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