Call for Papers: High-tech Heritage: (Im)permanence of Innovation, conference in Zurich, September 2023

Docomomo International would like to draw your attention to the conference and Call for Papers “High-Tech Heritage: (Im)permanence of Innovation” collaboratively organized by the Professorship for Construction Heritage and Preservation, ETH Zurich (Prof. Dr. Silke Langenberg) and the Professorship for Heritage Conservation and Architectural History, Bauhaus University Weimar (Prof. Dr. Hans-Rudolf Meier). The conference focuses on High-Tech Architecture of the 1970s to the 1990s as heritage, aiming to create an architectural-historical basis for further research on their preservation. The design concepts of these objects aim at using and displaying advanced technology. The rapid obsolescence of technical innovations compared to the average lifespan of a High-Tech building results in the complete replacement of components instead of their repair. This raises the question of an appropriate conservation approach to High-Tech Architecture. Submission deadline: October 31, 2022. Find the Call for Papers below: