The Body, Sport and Modern Architecture

The Body, Sport and Modern Architecture 2006, Panayotis Tournnikiotis editor (381 p.) (English / Greek)

Preface by Panayotis Tournikiotis

Rethinking the Body: Sports in Modern Architecture by Panayotis Tournikiotis — Body and Sport as Institutions of the Aesthetic Ideology of Modernism by Niki Loizidi — Athletics, Tourism and Ancient Glory by Dimitri Philippides — Rome 1960: Olympic Games and Modernization by Maristella Casciato — Architecture and Sport in France 1918–45: A Political and Cultural History by Fabienne Chevallier & Marie Vives — The Croatian Sport Architecture of the Interwar Period by Ivana Lazanja & Darja Radović Mahečić —The Culture of the Body and Sports Buildings in Modern Architecture in Turkey by Nilüfer Baturayoğlu Yöney & Yildiz Salman — For Empire and the Olympics: Wembley Stadia 1923–2004 by Dennis Sharp — Sports vs. Housing: The Survival of the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam by Marieke Kuipers — The Restoration and Modernization of the Olympic Stadium in Berlin by Anna Maria Odenthal — Architecture of Helsinki: ‘Great is to Triumph, Greater Far Noble Combat’ by Hikka Högström — Pier Luigi Nervi’s Works for the 1960 Rome Olympics by Tullia Iori & Sergio Poretti — School Hygiene and Athletics in the Greek Interwar Architecture by Maro Kardamitsi Adami — Sport Facilities in Greek Modern Architecture by Andreas Giacumacatos — The Swimming Pool of the Naval Academy in Piraeus, Greece by Dimitris A. Fatouros

ISBN 960 6654 27 3