Homework, submission by 1 September 2016
DATE: 1/6/2017
Guidelines for submitting the 2015-2016 Homework

The working parties that have submitted at least (a) 30 fiches and the information of at least (b) 50 buildings for MOMOVE (Docomomo Virtual Exhibition, can consider this part of their homework fulfilled. However, ISC/Registers strongly advise the inclusion of the 100 buildings in MOMOVE, and to reach 50 fiches. In this case, the Homework consists of a (c) Commitment Report, where it must be included the list of the WP activities during these two years, pertaining the documentation of the Modern Movement. The report can consist of publications (books, magazines or bulletins), internet sites, visits, seminars, lectures, etc…

In order a WP complete the Homework for 2015-2016, the missing information must be provided to Docomomo International ( with a copy to Louise Noelle (, Chair of ISC/Registers, by September 1st.