Docomomo Dominican Republic
La Biennalle Di Venezia: Caribbean Modernity: Paradise as Tabula Rasa, 10th October 2014, Venezia, Italy
DATE: 10/10/2014
“Caribbean Modernity: paradise as tabula rasa” is the title of the conversation organized by the Dominican Republic Pavilion and the DoCoMoMo_do in in the context of the Freeport conceived as part of the exhibition Monditalia.

Through a series of critical reflections around the general conjecture on how modernity was absorbed in the context of the Caribbean, this conversation will take a special look into the Dominican Republic, taking into account its insular condition, which has produced a historical struggle of external interventions and internal up rises. The discussion between researchers Melisa Vargas Rivera and Alex Martínez Suárez aims to create a cohesive understanding of the meaning and implications of the Caribbean and Dominican architectural and urban production as some of the most central elements in its modernization process during the XXth century and how this centrality has been diffused in recent decades. The speakers will address the Caribbean region’s particular historical struggle between association and autonomy, which has represented both an advantage and a handicap: isolation has served as a defense mechanism as well as it has posed the threat of disconnection. Also the critical period between1930 and 1961 in which the emergence one of the most ruthless dictatorships of the region, led by Rafael Trujillo in the Dominican Republic, was ideologically based both in the implementation of authority through fear and the construction of order through the modernization of the then mostly rural and virgin country. Finally, they will look at the transition to the present scenario as well as the current state of the modern legacy.


10th October 2014 - Corderie of the Arsenale, stage C
4:00 pm - Introduction
4:05 pm – Melisa Vargas Rivera | Context and Construction
4:35 pm – Alex Martínez Suárez | Legacy, Expansion and Ruin
5:05 pm – Discussion and audience questions
(Limited seating)

More details: PDF file below.