Docomomo México
Publication: Reflexiones, Esperanzas y Lamentos en Torno al Patrimonio Arquitectónico del Movivimiento Moderno en México
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Reflexiones, esperanzas y lamentos en torno al patrimonio arquitectónico del Movimiento Moderno en México 
Ivan San Martín (ed)
November 2013
ISBN: 978-607-8059-12-6

This book brings together nearly thirty original essays divided into five major themes that the members deal with annually during the last five years, namely: "Reflections on tornao modern heritage", "Architects of modernity", "Housing the Modern Movement", "Hospitals of Modernity "and" Other Markets Modern Movement". With this publication, DOCOMOMO Mexico reaffirms its commitment to assessment and reflection on the recentpast architectural, a legacy that would seem to be between hope for preservation and laments its destruction.

Texts by: Sara Topelson, Louise Noelle, Ivan San Martín, Manuel Berumen, Catherine R. Ettinger, Marco Tulio Peraza, Peter Krieger, Lucía Santa Ana, Elvia González Canto, Fernando N. Winfield, Raquel Franklin, Lourdes Cruz, Juan Ignacio del Cueto, Jesús Villar, Hans Kabsch, Fabricio Lázaro, Enrique Urzaiz, Maria García Holley, Alejandro Ochoa, Rodolfo Santa Maria, Lourdes Díaz and Alejandrina Escudero.