Docomomo Brazil
Exhibition: PAGE and Social Architecture
DATE: 5/4/2019
The division of Docomomo São Paulo organized the exhibition "The Plan of action (PAGE) and Social Architecture", which was held between April 2nd - 5th, 2019 in the lobby of the Institute of Architecture (IAU), at the USP Campus in São Carlos.
This exhibition was included in the activities of the 6th Seminar Docomomo São Paulo, held in September 2018, with the theme "Modern Architecture and Social Issues". The event was organized by the IAU, Docomomo São Paulo division and with the support of the Architecture and Urbanism São Paulo City Council (CAU/SP), through a Partnership Agreement signed with the Instituto Anima-Sociesc.

The exhibition also has the support of other institutions such as: USJT, UPM, Unip, Unesp, City School, among many other agents and entities related to Architecture and Urbanism.
The theme of the exhibition is the production of public equipment during the time Carvalho Pinto was Governor in the State of São Paulo (1959-1963), based on his of Plan of action (PAGE) from the point of view of the diffusion of modern architecture and political commitments that its protagonists have established. This experience is one of the richest moments of Brazilian Modernism and its social dimension, which is why this exhibition is an important milestone for the dissemination of this valuable production. Bringing the social issue to the foreground through the production of equipment, public works, the works implemented by PAGE, using the hegemony already achieved by Modern Architecture in the 1950s, increased the development of language, producing new solutions and modern types, not limited to the repetition of conceptions and forms.
The exhibition is based on the research "Diffusion of modern architecture in Brazil - the architectural heritage created by the Plan of Action of the Carvalho Pinto government (1959-1963)", carried out by the Research Group "Art, architecture Brazil: Dialogues in the City Modern and Contemporary - ArtArqBr", initially financed by FAPESP, it was identified that more than 160 architects designed for the PAGE, producing equipment in 275 cities in the State of São Paulo.
So far, this research registered more than 1,100 constructed enterprises, raised 661 and inventoried with 521. A small portion of this production will be presented at the exhibition, however, how it can be attested, its importance for the direction of Brazilian Modern Architecture is unmistakable.

The press release can be found in the PDF below [Portuguese]