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Docomomo Research Trip: Cologne and Aachen
DATE: 29/10/2018


This study visit was inspired by a Docomomo lecture earlier this year on the work of Rudolf Schwarz and the issue of integrating Modern design into surviving fragments of pre-existing buildings. We also wish to experience some of the extraordinary spaces produced by Expressionist architects and see how these—and earlier Classicism (notably Schinkel)— equally contributed to German Modernism, through a form of Rationalism exemplified by Ungers’ work.

We therefore expect to focus on several museums in Cologne (by Schwarz, Ungers and Zumthor) and explore churches in Cologne, Duren and Aachen (by Dominikus and Gottfried Böhm, Bartning, Steffan, Schwarz, and Sauerbruch & Hutton). We propose to visit Gottfried Böhm’s town hall at Bensberg and, if possible, also his children’s village.

Please let us know as soon as possible whether you are interested in joining us. Spaces are limited. 

As is usual with our study visits abroad, we will organise our itinerary to span a long weekend, but will leave travel and accommodation arrangements to participants. Some may wish to arrive late and leave early. 

Cologne is easily accessible from London by Eurostar but you may be able to find flights that are cheaper. We have been recommended Appartel am Dom as a reasonably priced and centrally situated hotel; if you book accommodation elsewhere, we recommend that it should be in central Cologne.

We expect to spend Friday 26 and Saturday 27 in Cologne, and Sunday 28 in Duren and Aachen. For those planning to be in Cologne on Friday night, we hope to visit Bensberg on Thursday afternoon. For those able to stay in Aachen beyond Sunday, we might continue on Monday 28 to visit van der Laan´s Benedictine abbey at Vaals, which is only a bus ride away.

A combined ticket costing €18 for all Cologne museums (but not Kolumba) is valid on two consecutive days and includes free ticket for public transport in Cologne on the first day.

Bensberg town hall in the afternoon, with access to Bethany children’s village.

Kolumba Museum (Zumthor)
Museum für Angewandte Kunst [designed as Wallraf Richartz Museum] (Schwarz)
Wallraf Richartz Museum (Ungers)
Festhaus Gurzenich-Sankt Alban

St Anna, Duren; then Corpus Christi and St Bonifatius, both in the same Aachen suburb.

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