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Conference: 13th Karlsruhe Conference & Excursion - Wohnen und die Architektur der Moderne
DATE: 26/2/2016
13th Karlsruhe Conference + Excursion "Wohnen und die Architektur der Moderne"
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Karlsruhe, Germany
26th - 27th February 2016

"Living, one of the great themes of modern architecture, will be the focus of the 13th Karlsruhe Conference "Wohnen und die Architektur der Moderne". It is one of the most important theme throughout the 20th century, starting with living models City and Landscape Planning of classical modernism, buildings of the "avant-garde", the influences of the CIAM - des Congres Internationaux d┬┤Architecture Moderne - up to current trends such as passive house technologies, energy houses and smart Cities etc. [...] The 13th Karlsruhe meeting will discuss developments in the architecture of living in the 20th century by means of some selected examples and values of our present day presence, with a view into the near future. After previous Karsruher meetings which showed case studies of modernity in different countries, the 13th Karlsruhe conference provides a concentrated discourse and an excursion to the current residential projects. [...]"

[by Docomomo Germany]