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Lecture Series: Inside Belgian Modernism
DATE: 10/11/2015
Inside Belgian Modernism - Lecture series about the modern interior and design
Autumn 2015 - One lecture per month, from September to December

"Interiors, furniture and design play an important role in the Modern Movement and in modern living. If we want to understand fully the experience of the modern ideology, aesthetics and spatiality, then these fields are as important as those concerning architecture, construction or urbanism. From this perspective docomomo Belgium offers a series of four lectures which approach the heritage question of Modernism through the lens of these seemingly subsidiary aspects. Through this it is our wish to contribute to the appreciation and consideration of issues such as privacy, efficiency, comfort, use and beauty in everyday life. The presentation of the series is geographically spread through the country, with two lectures in Dutch in Antwerp and Ghent, and two in Brussels, respectively in French and English.
The series offers a glance into the history of the Belgian Modern interior from the Art Nouveau until the beginning of Post-Modernism, of which various instances will be covered, each lecture giving insight into a specific aspect of Modernity."

29.09.2015 | lecture by Xavier Folville (ULg) + drink | Brussels
13.10.2015 | lecture by Els De Vos (UA) | Antwerp
10.11.2015 | lecture by Irčne Lund (ULB) | Brussels
08.12.2015 | lecture by Eva Storgaard (UA) + drink | Ghent

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