Docomomo Macau
Seminar: Re-Interpreting XX century architecture through adaptive reuse
DATE: 27/10/2015
"Re-Interpreting XX century architecture through adaptive reuse
2nd docomomo Macau Seminar

THEME:To discuss approaches of intervening in modern movement architecture understanding the role of design strategies and the need of policy to frame and encompass best practices on heritage preservation. The role of classification, heritage assessment and planning, a creative process layering through the design and the role of heritage in our society is a complex system that all cities with a heritage agenda should test and implement.

PROGRAM:The seminar will have two segments, the first of where is a workshop for experts and stakeholders from the conservative sector, who will be jointly discussing the issue of Adaptive re-use of Modern Heritage buildings, its application and strategies for Macau and the region. The second segment is a public conference. Representatives from docomomo Macau, docomomo Hong Kong, docomomo China and docomomo International Chair, Prof. Ana Tostoes, will make participate with presentations.

Docomomo Macau be opening the Exhibition "MACANESE MODERNISM" on the same date at 17:30 at the IFT Amphitheatre. Light snacks will be served at the IFT Amphitheatre at the occasion."

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