Docomomo Macao
Report: Helen Liang Orphanage by Manuel Vicente, Macau, 1963-1964
DATE: 31/3/2015
docomomo Macau, upon their knowing of the intervention that is being developed on the Helen Liang orphanage, and by free initiative, has produced a report on the building in Macau. The document was presented to the owner and all parties involved with the intention of providing them with thorough specialized information on it and in order to ensure that importance of the building within the city’s architectural history in the XXth century is fully acknowledged. 

Designed by architect Manuel Vicente and built between 1963 and 1964, the building stands as a significant example of Modern Movement in Macau, integrating both the European ideas and Asian tradition to create a new contemporary architecture. Quoting Ana Tostões, chair of docomomo Internationa, “the discovery of the uniqueness and mysterious nature of Macau seems to take shape in the way Manuel Vicente handles the flow of light through devices that let in light and shadow. An exterior brise-soleils system is the filter of the long, slender openings that open rhythmically on the façace to seek the light of day”.
The report includes an exhaustive relation of its most characteristic elements as well as recommendations that would lead to a very complete and coherent restoration and conservation of the complex. Elaborated with the participation of experts on all fields related, it constitutes a good reference document in order to fully appreciate the building. 

International would like to congratulate docomomo Macau on their outstanding job in trying to preserve the history and importance of the building for future generations and hopes that this study can be taken into account in the intervention that will  be carried out.