Docomomo Chile
Seminar: The challenge of time. Project and persistence of modern heritage.
DATE: 26/11/2014
5th Docomomo Chile Seminar
26-28th November 2014, Santiago, Chile 

El desafío del tiempo: Proyecto y persistencia del patrimonio moderno

[The challenge of time: Project and persistence of modern heritage] 

The V Docomomo Chile Seminar will be held in the city of Santiago and is focused on the analysis and discussions on the various architectural and urban experiences demonstrated in the country and the region in the twentieth century and its preservation alternatives. 

Under the theme El desafío del tiempo: Proyecto y persistencia del patrimonio moderno, Docomomo fifth version of the seminar aims to continue the analysis of modern architecture and urbanism initiated in previous workshops, held in the cities of Santiago (2005), Antofagasta (2007), Valparaiso (2009) and Concepción (2012). 

Over 10 years of activity, the Docomomo Chile working party has proposed to examine two aspects of particular relevance about the state and future prospects of the architectural and urban heritage of Chile. 

- Emblematic works, conservation, persistence, possible paths; 
- Contemporary work on modern works of heritage value; 
- Status of modern heritage, documentation, evaluation and perspectives. 

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