Under Threat: Gaden House
by Neville Guzman, Sydney, Australia, 1968
DATE: 27/4/2018
Docomomo International would like to support Docomomo Australia and all ongoing initiatives to protect the Gaden House future, in Sydney, preventing it from suffering further interventions, which may completely disregard the original character of this modern piece.

“Gaden House 24-26 Bay Street in Double Bay, NSW is a unique modernist office building designed by Neville Gruzman and completed in 1968.
It is a largely intact example of Gruzman’s sophisticated output and is one of the finest surviving mid century modernist buildings in Sydney.
The building is the subject of current Development Application DA589/2017 and is under threat of being irrevocably changed and its significance erased.
We, the undersigned, believe this building to be an important surviving part of Sydney’s architectural history.
We believe the current proposal should be refused to protect Gaden House’s value as a rare example of 1960’s Sydney commercial architecture.
We believe an alternative approach to developing the site could preserve the building, restore its facades and interiors and enhance the building as an asset to both the owner and the community.“ 
By the Architect Rory Toomey, who was mentored by Gruzman, in Docomomo Australia website

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