Demolition Threat: Rainha Dona Leonor Housing Block
by José Lei, Macau, China, 1958-1961
DATE: 18/6/2018
The Rainha Dona Leonor Housing Block is under imminent risk of demolition. The proposed guidelines for its demolition are currently under review, and its approval will grant full rights for the demolition of the building.

“Designed in 1958/59 by the Architect José Lei and his Hong Kong based practice and built in 1961, the building plot occupies an area of 515 m2, featuring a tower block consisting of 24 residential units in duplex typology with a total of 13 storeys and a footprint of 315 m2, with a typical street-facing retail on the ground floor.
The block is a unique architectural work of art in Macau, embodying the principles and ideals that arise with the advent of Modernist architecture in the post-war period, following a rational distribution in plan and section, as it was the trend of Modernist epoch.
This building is the first high-rise residential building in Macau and the first to be equipped with an elevator. Creating an elegant set-back, the block is configured by the double height balconies expressing the duplex solution for the housing units, served by an external gallery on every second level, amounting to the best example of this typology of high rise block built in Macau.” By Docomomo Macau

Docomomo International would like to raise awareness regarding the threat Rainha Dona Leonor Housing Block is facing and also to express its full support to the on-going efforts to obtain classification of the building. Docomomo International hopes this highly qualified sample of Modern high rise housing block can be protected and saved from demolition, certain that another plan should contemplate its preservation.

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Docomomo International Letter to the Chief Executive of Macau, Dr Chui Sai On: Pdf below
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