Demolition Threat: University Hospital of Caen
by Henry Bernard, Caen, France, 1970-1975
DATE: 5/3/2018
Docomomo International is now appealing to your attention regarding the future University Hospital of Caen might expect (by Henry Bernard, Caen, France, 1970-1975).

"Alert in Caen

The university hospital of Caen (CHU) was designed by Henry Bernard and built from 1970 to 1975. It is a major building in the history of architecture in France, for four reasons: as a work of art an architect of great renown, as a milestone in research on hospital architecture, for the radicality of its architectural expression, and for its strong landscape impact on the scale of the Caen conurbation. It is undergoing asbestos removal, and its demolition is scheduled for completion by the Ministry of Health."

Docomomo International would like to direct its full support to the efforts that are being carried out to preserve the University Hospital of Caen, certain that no demolition should proceed and another plan should contemplate its restauration so it prevails as a usable example to further times.