Demolition Threat: Pascoli - Longon School Complex
by Guido Pellizzari, Bolzano, Italy, 1933-1938
DATE: 11/5/2018
Docomomo International would like to express imminent concern regarding the anticipated demolition of Pascoli-Longon School Complex in Bolzano.

“Built by the architect Guido Pellizzari between 1935 and 1938 following a national competition, the school complex “G. Pascoli - M. Longon” is a remarkable example of the architecture of Italian Rationalism. Located near the Monument to Victory, this building, whose surface is of 8200 square meter, is an integral part of the works achieved under the city plan of Bolzano that the architect Marcello Piacentini has conceived in 1933-1934; for this reason it’s of historical and artistic interest.

The preservation of the heritage of this building is made even more important as a document of modern Italian architecture and an original element of an urban continuum characterized by the morphology of urban lots and perspective views.

This school constitutes a unitary complex that integrates into the growth process of the modern city.

The decision to demolish almost completely the school complex taken by the local Authorities (only a part of the façade would be maintained), represents an unacceptable and anachronistic example of façadisme. This plan would damage irremediably the integrity of the rationalist site. Also, it would denaturalize the features of the neighbouring urban areas.

The local Authorities have called to a direct commitment so that the Pascoli-Longon School, as an expression of the collective heritage, can be restored through the implementation of new functions while respecting its morphological characteristics, its spatial composition, as well as of the environmental and landscape values of which it makes part.” By Riccardo Forte, Editor in chief Bulletin Docomomo France

In order to proceed with the construction of a new building, which will host a public multilingual library for the native inhabitants of Alto Adige, local authorities have decided to tear down this significant example of Italian Rationalism, keeping the curved façade. This choice, however, will not be sufficient to preserve the memory of this building, but only attempt to mask this loss. 

Docomomo International would like to support and appeal to all kind of efforts to protect and respect the Pascoli-Longon School Complex.

Letter of Support to the Italian Minister of Cultural Heritage and local authorities: Pdf below
Interior picture collection: website