Under Threat: Dimitris Pikionis’ Acropolis Work
by Dimitris Pikionis, Acropolis, Athens, Greece, 1954-1957
DATE: 12/12/2018
Docomomo International appeals for awareness regarding the future the Acropolis´ works, in Athens, developed by Dimitris Pikionis might expect. Pikionis´ interventions consist on an architectural composition, created between 1954 and 1957, that achieved a coherent dialogue with the renowned archaeological site, by merging art, architecture and landscape.

Docomomo Greece has now composed an open letter advocating for the preservation of the Pikionis´ work at the Acropolis hills. 

"Pikionis’ ‘handmade’ work on the Acropolis hills, which was accomplished sixty years ago, is internationally recognized as one of the most interesting architectural projects of its era; an original composition of high historic and artistic value, a multivalent project which merges art, architecture and landscape architecture within the sensitive ‘ecosystem’ of a distinguished archaeological site. Strolling on the pathways of the hill across the Acropolis has been described, by architects and scholars, as a staging of dense visual symbolism and pure aesthetic pleasure. Similarly, the open sitting areas around the church of St. Demetrius and the belvedere on Philopappos hill, were described as unique places for contemplation in the contemporary Attic landscape.

However, the site has been abandoned over time and immediate action is required in order for it to be protected and preserved, so that it continues to serve as an enlightening work for the coming generations to experience and appreciate."

The full letter can be read in the PDF below [English] or on docomomo Greece´s website [Greek].

Docomomo International would like to express its full support towards Docomomo Greece and its on-going efforts to protect and promote the significance of Dimitris Pikionis´ intervention at the Acropolis hills.