Under Threat: The Viking Ships Hall
by Erik Christian Sørensen, Roskilde Fjord, Denmark, 1969
DATE: 5/11/2018
Last year, docomomo International and docomomo Denmark have been advocating for the protection of the Viking Ships Hall (by Erik Christian Sørensen, Roskilde Fjord, Denmark, 1969). The building is currently facing danger of losing its protection status and possible demolition.

The Viking Ships Hall is a building located on the shallow shore of Roskilde Fjord, constructed in 1969 as a museum for ancient ships. The building combines the brutalism architecture with the ancient history, creating a balance between the ships, its materiality and the site. A giant window and sweeping views over the fjord creates a background that connects the interior with the water and the surroundings. For all these reasons, the Viking Ships Hall is an outstanding example of modern architecture recognized worldwide and in Denmark with the national protection list (1997).

Docomomo International wishes to express its full support to all the efforts that may be carried out in order to preserve this building, taking into consideration the history of the Viking Ships Hall and the willing to maintain their integrity and authenticity for future generations.

Docomomo International letters to the Ministry of Culture of Denmark, Director of the Viking Ships Museum and the President of the Museum Board: PDF below