Demolition Threat: Al-Sawaber Complex
by Arthur Erickson, Kuwait City, Kuwait, 1981
DATE: 7/1/2019
In 2017 Docomomo International has exposed the threat that Al-Sawaber Complex, designed by Arthur Erickson, in Kuwait City is facing.

Recently, Docomomo has learned that the complex faces imminent demolition, despite being listed in the World Monuments Fund (website) and having a growing public popularity, with groups advocating for its preservation.

Built in 1981, based on the design from 1977 by Arthur Erickson, Al-Sawaber Complex aimed to provide numerous Kuwaiti families with private, intimate housing, within the city centre. In recent years the lack of maintenance, arson in some of the units, escalating land values in the surrounding area, and gentrification have rendered the complex vulnerable to demolition.

A petition for the preservation of Al-Sawaber Complex has been launched by the "Save Al Sawaber" Group. It can be found here.

Docomomo International expresses its full support for the actions undertaken in order to preserve this unique housing complex, either within the original function or reused. Docomomo would also like to encourage everyone to sign the petition. 

A letter of support from Docomomo International has been addressed to Kuwaitis´ authorities and can be found in the PDF below. 
For more information, visit the "Save Al Sawaber" Group´s Instagram profile.

Image provided by: "Save Al Sawaber" Group