Demolition threat: 3515 Glenwood
George Milton Small Jr., Raleigh, U.S., 1965
DATE: 21/7/2014
3515 Glenwood, designed by George Milton Small Jr. in 1965 for Northwestern Insurance Company. Like many other mid-century modern office buildings, it is now facing the possible threat of demolition.

In April the North Carolina Modernist Houses launched a campaign to prevent the possible demolition of one of Raleigh’s most celebrated modern office buildings. 3515 Glenwood was featured on the cover of the New York Times at its completion in 1965 but has recently sat vacant since its last tenants left in 2013. The owners have filed plans with the city of Raleigh that includes the demolition of the entire structure, but NCMH believes that if they are able to find a tenant to lease the space before July 21, 2014, the owners may be willing to listen.

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