Preservation Good News: MSU building listed as monument of culture
By Mirko Jovanovic, Belgrade, Serbia, 1956-1960
DATE: 9/7/2018
"The original project documentation of residential building with exhibition gallery of MSU (Museum of Contemporary Art) in the groundfloor of 14 Pariska Street was being developed in the project office ‘Investproject’ in all the levels (idea, main and design) according to the drafts of the architect Miroslav – MirkoJovanovic, from 1956 to 1960".

"The building belongs to the category of the properties which have the status of previous protection (buildings of the urban architecture), and is also part of spatial cultural and historical a whole core of Belgradeunder preliminary protection (cultural heritage of great importance – area of Knez MihailovaStreet). The building was declared a cultural property at the session of the Government ofthe Republic of Serbia on June 28th 2018, Decision on Establishment published in Official Gazette RS no. 50/18".