Demolition: Ikarus Building
by Franjo Jenc, Belgrade, Serbia, 1938
DATE: 2/7/2018
Docomomo International is sorry to inform about the demolition of the Ikarus Building (Belgrade, Serbia) on July 2nd 2018.

New Belgrade before Second World War only existed in the minds and plans of then visionary architects.
As largely influenced by the flows of two huge, overwhelming rivers surrounding it (Danube and Sava), the soil of New Belgrade was largely filled and levelled after 1945, marking existing Ikarusí ground level actually the only surviving represent of the original state, around three to four meters lower than today.
Its architectural design was conceived with a clear concept of being a building with industrial purpose and value, adorned with art deco elements and remarkable relief of first human flyer in the history - Icarus, as a clear symbol of its representation and meaning. Icarus is still suspended in the air behind the elegant entrance into the building. For how long - we canít be certain.Ē
By Dobrivoje Lale Eric, President of Docomomo Serbia

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