Demolition Threat: Notre Dame de l´Espérance
Pierre Genton, Villeurbanne, France, 1964
DATE: 12/1/2017
Despite all the efforts of parishioners, inhabitants, historians, architects and the association Docomomo, Docomomo is sorry to inform that the permit to demolish was signed on February 14th, 2018.

Judi Loach, Chair of Docomomo UK, drew
the attention of docomomo International to the perilous situation related to the future of Notre Dame de l´Espérance:

"This is the most interesting church to survive in Lyons by Genton, an important pioneer of Modern church architecture in France. Built in a working class (then still industrial) district, it uses an industrial vocabulary, and was the 1st in the region to use a space frame roofing system. This avoided pillars, thus giving all present an optimal view of the sanctuary, while the squarish plan, organised along a diagonal leading from entrance to Sanctuary, gathers all present in a single body around the altar, thus predating Vatican II’s edicts.  Most of the daylighting enters from a 3-D roof light over the sanctuary, focusing attention there.  The baptistery, consisting of a small pool (baptism by immersion) plus a traditional font (baptism of infants), is unique, in that rainwater is brought directly from the heavens’, by a metal tube.  All the furnishings - benches, etc. - were made especially and are still in excellent condition.
The diocese is trying to sell the site to developers, entailing this significant building’s demolition."

In the PDF below you find more information about this case and the details to help listing this building as a Historic Monument.

Letter from Docomomo France: PDF

Petition: website

More details: website