Demolition Threat: Lockridge Medical Clinic Building
by Frank Lloyd Wright, Whitefish, Montana, USA, 1958-1963
DATE: 11/1/2018
"Frank Lloyd Wright´s Lockridge Medical Clinic Building in Whitefish, Montana, is set to be demolished—unless a buyer comes forward with $1.7 million by January 11. And if no one fronts the money, this will be the architect´s first complete and intact building to be demo-ed in more than 40 years. 

Lockridge Medical Clinic, completed shortly after Wright´s death in 1959, is one of only three remaining structures in Montana that he designed. It is an emblem of the architect´s Usonian vision, is listed on the the National Register of Historic Places, and has attracted visitors from around the globe, who come to marvel at one of the final works designed by the eminent architect. In 2016, multimillionaire developer and horse trainer Mick Ruis purchased the building with intent to demolish it as part of his plan to redevelop Whitefish´s growing community."

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