Under Threat: Center for Environmental Planning and Technology University buildings
by B.V. Doshi, Ahmedabad, India, 1962
DATE: 24/10/2017
Docomomo International wishes to draw your attention for the threatened future that Center for Environmental Planning and Technology University buildings are facing.

"The Centre for Environmental Planning & Technology, established by architect B.V.Doshi in Ahmedabad, has been moulding young students into architects for the past 55 years, evolving as one of the premier institutions for architecture studies in the country. The campus is located in the heart of the Ahmedabad city, in the university area and has been designed by Doshi himself. Doshi and his contemporaries believe that a student of architecture must be surrounded by beauty and art, so that he/she develops into a well rounded creative person, ‘sensitive to the emotional, spiritual, cultural and aesthetic dimensions’. This philosophy is epitomised in the campus design itself, with built and open spaces forming a harmonious whole with nature, interspersed with sculptures, installations and other art works.

The language Doshi has used is of exposed brick with concrete, emphasising the slabs and the beams to create a natural coarse texture which has weathered over the years and now almost forms part of the land. The buildings are organised as double storeyed linear masses, open from both sides, letting in plenty of light and ventilation into the studios. In addition, there are inclined skylights on top of the studios, perpetually letting in natural light into the spaces. The studio spaces have bay spaces facing the exterior, creating semi-private spaces which are yet totally open to the exterior - spaces where the individual can be alone with nature even in the environment of a studio."[1]

Docomomo International wish to express its full support to the efforts that are being carried out in order to preserve the Center for Environmental Planning and Technology University buildings, believing that this building must be fully restored taking into consideration its history and the willing to maintain their integrity and authenticity for future generations.

[1] link

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etition concerning the Preservation of Center for Environmental Planning and Technology University buildings from the laureates of the Grand Prix National de  l’Architecture of France: PDF below