Under Threat: Confeitaria Cunha [Cunha Bakery]
by Victor Palla, Bento dŽAlmeida and Joăo Bento dŽAlmeida, Porto, Portugal, 1970-1973
DATE: 30/10/2017
Docomomo International was informed that the Confeitaria Cunha [Cunha Bakery], in Porto (Portugal), designed by the architects Victor Palla, Bento dŽAlmeida and Joăo Bento dŽAlmeida between 1970 and 1973, is under threat, due to the danger of eviction by the landlord and  subsequently closure of the Confeitaria Cunha.

Confeitaria Cunha is the culmination of more than thirty snack-bar projects designed by architects Victor Palla and Bento dŽAlmeida, pioneers in the introduction of this restaurant model in Portugal. The particularity of Confeitaria Cunha lies in the experimental character of the architectural work. It was a question of combining a quick service of a reticulated wooden balcony with a compartmentalized service of fixed tables and benches, which refers us to American diners.

The absence in the Portuguese market of furniture and modern accessories specific to this type of restoration establishment once again motivated the architects to design and have a large part of the pieces necessary for the equipping of the Confeitaria Cunha with carpenters and local locksmiths. The project was worked as a Total Art Work.

At the moment, the "Snack-Bar" and "Restaurante" rooms remain the same as the opening date, justifying their preservation for future memory and living.

Docomomo International would like to express its fully support to the efforts being carried on with the intention of preserving Confeitaria Cunha, an important example of modern pioneer architecture in the north of Portugal for future generations.

Photo by ©Arménio Teixeira, Centro Cultural de Belém

Docomomo International Letter to the Municipality of Porto: PDF below [portuguese]