Train station of HavíÅ™ov
Josef Hrejsemnou, HavíÅ™ov, Czech Republic, 1960s
DATE: 19/3/2014
"The old terminal is a great example of the good things that originated in former Czechoslovakia in the 1960s. The building, designed by architect Josef Hrejsemnou, is dominated by a glass façade, ceiling which has a form of an op-art decoration and a great indoor space with an elegantly sloping staircase. However, memories of the famous 1960s with their unique design do not have a place in the current plans of the HavíÅ™ov city hall. The train station hall is supposed to be torn down and replaced by a bus and train terminal which will be built a little bit farther from the original building. The city hall claims that it will be a “dignified” entrance to the town. It will rather be another monument of local political limitation and this one will be, unfortunately, in a place which cannot boast with glorious history or local memory."

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