Under Threat: Lar da Criança Kindergarten
by António Vicente de Castro, Portimão, Portugal, 1959
DATE: 15/2/2018
Despite all the efforts of Docomomo International, Ordem dos Arquitectos, and Architect Luísa Dias, Docomomo is sorry to inform that the expansion works of the Lar da Criança Kindergarten were approved.

Lar da Criança Kindergarten, in Portimão (Portugal), designed by the architect António Vicente de Castro in 1959, constitutes an important example of modern architecture in the south of Portugal for future generations which unfortunately will no longer be preserved as it was originally conceived.

It is also worth to mention that the architect António Vicente de Castro was awarded in 2010 for his valuable and innovative work, representative of the Modern Movement Architecture in Barlavento Algarvio.

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Docomomo International statement and letters to the Municipality of Portimão and Press Book: PDF below [portuguese]