Demolition Threat: Bridge Laureano Gómez
by Riccardo Morandi, Barranquilla, on Magdalena River (Colombia), 1974
DATE: 20/4/2017
Updated news

The Presidency of the Republic in COlumbia assessed the request for the protection of the bridge Laureano Gómez. Operational sollutions are being study in order to safeguard the bridge.

Docomomo International Letter to the Ministry of Culture of Colombia and the answer: PDF below


Bridge Laureano Gómez, known as puente Pumarejo, is now under threat of demolition. It will be replaced in 2019 by a new larger and higher bridge allowing the passage of large ships on the Magdalena river.

This Bridge is amongst the best-known works by the Italian civil engineer Riccardo Morandi (Roma, 1902-1989), a master of reinforced concrete structures built in Italy and abroad.

When it was built in 1974, the bridge had a great economic and social impact, contributing in the epochal modernization of the country. It favored connections within the Department of Magdalena -between the cities of Barranquilla and Santa Marta- and facilitated immigration both from the countryside and from neighboring Venezuela.

In addition to its historical importance, Barranquilla´s bridge is an outstanding example of technical advances achieved by reinforce concrete structures. Its intrinsic value lies in the levity of the structure which leads into an expressive essentiality. Due to the specificity of its technical solutions designed to cope with both natural and site constraints, this bridge can be ranked among structural masterpieces.

Docomomo International and Docomomo Italy would like to raise awareness for this case and express its full support to all the initiatives conducted against the demolition of the aforementioned bridges, in the struggle of preserving it for the future generations.

More details: website [italian]