Preservation Good News: Casa Dagorret
by Luciano Kulczewski, Providencia, Chile, 1935. Restoration & Adaptive Reuse by Bauer Arquitectos, 2017
DATE: 13/9/2017
Casa Dagorret, initially residential and later transformed into a professional institute, is now part of a recycling project run by the Bauer Arquitectos office, consisting of Carlos Bauer, Camila Nuñez, Alessandra Cabrera, Marialice Fernández and Tomas Angermeyer.

The verification of the authorship of Kulczewski was done through the search of information and consultations with specialists related to the patrimonial architecture in Chile, among them Maximiano Atria, General Secretary of Docomomo Chile.

However, despite its architectural value, the house was quite abandoned, a state that in the office do not only attribute it in material terms, but also cultural and historical. For this reason, "the fact that is now recognized as a work of Kulczewski gives a greater level of importance as a modern architectural heritage in Chile", the team tells us.

In addition, the large number of advertising posters installed on its façades and numerous layers of paint did not contribute to its value, something that can be reversed with the rescue of this house to "re-emphasize", as the team tells us.

The interventions that comprise the project tuned possible to highlight its geometric figure on the basis of its current structure. In this way, "it will be possible to make an adaptation for a new use without intervening the original work, restoring and maintaining its essence, where we will try to recover the original appearance of the work, rescuing colors and original material from which we are gathering information".

In turn, this allowed to put in value its architectural features, so typical of the works of Kulczewski that give an unmistakable seal. In the particular case of Casa Dagorret, not only the geometric lines stand out, but also the arches, doors and windows that give the impression of forming a boat.

There is another value that architects recognize: the restoration of Casa Dagorret maked possible to create a link between the neighborhood and its history. This is because now, after the architectural recycling project, the house will be used for leasing offices.

Translation from the webiste.

Photos: Bauer Arquitectos

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