Restoration: Olan G. & Aida T. Hafley House Restoration
Richard Neutra, Los Angeles, USA, 1953
DATE: 25/8/2015
"The Hafley and Moore houses were designed as an integrated composition for a modern lifestyle, sharing space and resources yet providing privacy for the two families. The communal living characteristic of the shared backyard and entry has remained intact, indicating that the original design is still valid today. Behind the unified façade, Neutra created two distinct dwellings with unique footprints and massing that are perpendicular to, shielded from, and oriented away from one another. The flexible spaces have been maintained and proven timelessly comfortable and accommodating for the occupants, as opposed to being modified for contemporary expectations. This conservation-based restoration of a classic, mid-century residence sets a new standard for the sustainable preservation of 20th century architecture."

[by Docomomo US]