Preservation Good News: Flaminio Stadium receives the Getty Foundation´s Keeping it Modern - Architectural Conservation Grants
(by Pier Luigi and Antonio Nervi, Rome, Italy, 1959. Conservation plan by Sapienza University in Rome)
DATE: 10/8/2017
The Getty Foundation´s Keeping it Modern - Architectural Conservation Grants has awarded a grant of $180,000 for the development of a Conservation Plan for the Flaminio Stadium in Rome built in 1959 by Pier Luigi and Antonio Nervi, for the 1960´s Olympic Games, today in an advanced state of decay.

"In agreement with the City of Rome, the Department of Structural and Geotechnical Engineering of the Sapienza University of Rome, the Pier Luigi Nervi Project Association and Docomomo Italia applied for the Keeping It Modern international Grant promoted by the Getty Foundation – one of the most prestigious international institutions supporting the arts, architecture and conservation – to obtain support for the development of a conservation plan for the Flaminio Stadium. The research program, entitled The Flaminio Stadium by Pier Luigi and Antonio Nervi in Rome: an interdisciplinary conservation plan was officially approved on the first of June 2017 and will be developed by a team of specialists in various fields, under the supervision of an international scientific committee.

The conservation plan for the Flaminio Stadium will focus on promoting, supporting and guiding a successive project for its rehabilitation. The program is conceived as a set of design guidelines for the rehabilitation project, providing indications based on a specific understanding of the structure acquired during a campaign of analyses involving the study of historic documents and on site testing. The program will identify all structural, architectural, construction and functional elements of the building, strategically necessary to its conservation and to the restoration of its original characteristics. Research will be carried out with the prospect of restoring its original multifunctional purpose, as a stadium and sports facility, addressing current regulations and compliance requirements. The plan will be divided into four phases: 1. History and construction; 2. Architectural, structural and technical-constructive analysis; 3. Changes and transformations; 4. Guidelines for recovery and reuse.

The Flaminio Stadium is a unique work that offers a highly original union between form and structure and between architecture and engineering. It testifies to a special and internationally recognised period for Italian architectural culture, characterised by a highly fertile relationship between different disciplines. The project also frames a unique moment in the work of Pier Luigi Nervi, unanimously recognised as the most ingenious Italian engineer and a pioneer of the study and use of reinforced concrete."

Docomomo International wishes to congratulate Docomomo Italy, Sapienza University of Rome and the Pier Luigi Nervi Project Association, for this grant achievement in order to promote the fully preservation of this significant Modern Movement masterpiece.

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