Under Threat: Antiguo Mercado Central de Frutas y Verduras de Legazpi [old Fruit and Vegetable Market of Legazpi]
by Francisco Javier Ferrero, Madrid, Spain, 1932-1935
DATE: 28/4/2017
Docomomo Internacional wish to draw attention for the futureáof theáAntiguo Mercado Central de Frutas y Verduras de Legazpiáá[old Fruit and Vegetable Market of Legazpi]áin Madrid, designed by the architect Francisco Javier Ferrero between 1932 and 1935, which is threatened by a transformation project that,áin case of beingáapproved,áwilláseriously alter its patrimonial, architectural and historical values.

TheáAntiguo Mercado Central de Frutas y Verduras de Legazpiáis an extraordinary testimony of the modern Spanish architecture of the 30s, being also the only one of its kind, in Madrid,áthat has been preserved untilánowáwithout irreversible alterations. The rationality of its layout and structure, its versatility and its infrastructural condition,ámake it an indisputable landmark that deserves to be protected.

The transformation project, as it was presented to the public in December 2016 in the Arganzuela District Municipal Board, adversely affects the unity and architectural quality of the main interior spaces of the building, by introducing new slabs that disfigure the bays centrally dedicated to the circulation of vehicles. Especiallyádangerousáisátheáconditionáofáthe upper floor, where the central street is defined by two continuous slabs in cantilever, giving rise to one of the spaces of higher quality and uniqueness of modern Spanish architecture. In addition, the transformation project would seriously disfigure the market envelope by eliminating all the original brick enclosures.

Docomomo Internacional believes that this building is of inestimable value and must be preserved for posterity and offered to future generations with their fundamental values. It is our duty to maintain this legacy in the national and international context of architecture, urbanism and landscape.

Therefore, Docomomo International urges the municipal authorities that own the property, as well as the College of Architects of Madrid and the General Directorate of Heritage of the Community of Madrid, to ensure the protection of the heritage, historical and architectural values of the Market of Legazpi.

This building is in the Docomomo Iberia registers:áwebsite

Below you can find the letter [spanish]áthat the Chair of Docomomo International, Prof. Ana Tost§es, have sent to theáDo˝a Manuela Carmena Castrillo (Alcaldesa de Madrid), Don JosÚ MarÝa Ezquiaga (Decano del Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Madrid) andáDo˝a Paloma Sobrini Sagaseta de Il˙rdozá(Directora General de Patrimonio Cultural de la Comunidad de Madrid).