Under Threat: Army House
by D. Hadzipesic, Mitrovica, Kosovo, 1952
DATE: 26/4/2017
Docomomo International and Docomomo Kosovo wishes to draw your attention for the threatened future that the Technical Faculty of Pristina University (1972, E. Ravnikar, Prishtina, Kosovo) and the Army House (1952, D. Hadzipesic, Mitrovica, Kosovo) are facing.

The Technical Faculty of Pristina University is one of Prishtina modern landmarks. The building that was designed by one of the most important Slovenian architects of its time, Edvard Ravnikar, a student of Joze Plecnik and Le Corbusier´s apprentice, is of great importance for the City, the State as well as the Modern Movement in the region. It is one of the best representatives of the late Modern Movement in the region of South-Eastern Europe. As one of the few buildings representing that movement and period in the City of Prishtina, should be fully preserved. 

The Army House in Mitrovica is another great representative of the Modern Movement that is unfortunately under immediate threat. The Army House has historic and architectural importance for the city and is embedded in the collective memory of the Mitrovica citizens as for several decades it served as a cultural center. The building, constructed in 1952, is of a great architectural importance as it is one of the first representatives of the Modern Movement in Kosovo.  

It is urgent the necessity of Kosovo Government, Kosovo Cultural Heritage Council, the Mitrovica and Pristina Municipalities, as well as Pristina University, to rethink their actions and work in order to protect and conserve these modern buildings.

Docomomo International and Docomomo Kosovo wish to express its full support to the efforts carried out and other actions under development in order to preserve these buildings that should be fully restored, taking into consideration the history of the building and the willing to maintain their integrity and authenticity for future generations.