Advocacy Efforts Have Positive Repercussions: State Theatre in Hong Kong
by G.W. Grey and S.F. Liu, Hong Kong, 1952
DATE: 21/11/2016
In previous months, docomomo International, docomomo Hong Kong and Walk in Hong Kong proceeded to address the perilous situation of the State Theatre in Hong Kong.

The Antiquities Advisory Board (AAB) in Hong Kong proposed a Grade 1 historic building rating for State Theatre at their last meeting on 8th December.

Grade 1 structures are those deemed by the board to be of “outstanding merit, which every effort should be made to preserve if possible”.

However, even a Grade 1 listed building, there is still a risk of demolition as it is being acquired by an unknown private buyer. Walk in Hong Kong will continue to campaign for the protection of the site.

The proposed Grade 1 rating for State Theatre is the result of everybody´s hard work. docomomo International is very pleased to know that all efforts to raise awareness on the heritage significance of State Theatre had a positive repercussion. The initiatives taken by the group Walk in Hong Kong, the Conservancy Association and docomomo Hong Kong are greatly appreciated. Hopefully, the building will be duly preserved for future generations.

There are references to Prof Tomlow´s study and the letter from Professor Tostões in the AAB´s updated appraisal of State Theatre. (pdf below)

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