Under Threat: Hotel Podgorica
Podgorica, Montenegro, 1967
DATE: 0/0/0
A group of young architects called KANA / ko ako ne arhitekt? (KANA / Architects! Who else?) from Montenegro (state in Balkan, Europe), gathered around the initiative to stop the recently started construction of a 12 storey office building, which is being built right next to the famous hotel Podgorica, in Podgorica, by the investor Normal Tours. Hotel Podgorica was built in 1967. It is one of the most important architectural works from the XX century on the territory of Montenegro and represents the most recognizable building of Montenegrin architect Svetlana Kana Radevic (1937 - 2000). Among many other received awards, the Borba award - the most prestigious award in the field of architectural creativity in Yugoslavia in the period from 1965 to 1991, was given to the author for this particular project, which made her the only architect from Montenegro ever to receive such high recognition. Svetlana Radevic was the foreign member of the Russian academy of architecture and civil engineering sciences and the Fulbright grantee at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, in 1972/1973.

KANA is interested in broadening its field of work to protection of all significant architectural achievements of the XX century in Montenegro. Currently, it is the most active architectural organisation in Montenegro, consisted of one PhD in architecture, three PhD students and several architects (M.Arch.). In its two months work, they have united with the Union of architects of Montenegro and the Chamber of engineers of Montenegro. KANA are asking for support in this matter.

The image attached is a render of the new building that stands dominantly and strangely on top of hotel Podgorica which is perfectly implemented in the landscape.

Ana Tostoes, Chair of¬ docomomo¬ International, addressed a letter to Montenegrin authorities (see attach) concerning the preservation of the Hotel Podgorica and its surrounding.

For more details, please, check the  library of published papers about the issue.