Restoration: Museu de Arte de Sao Paulo
by Lina Bo Bardi and José Carlos Figueiredo Ferraz, São Paulo, Brazil, 1968
DATE: 0/0/0
"Symbol of Brazilian metropolis, the Museu de Arte de Sao Paulo (MASP) is one of the main cultural centers of the country. The project of Lina Bo Bardi, site specific and unmistakable layout, has represented since the beginning (1947) exceptionality in the museum landscape and architecture of the city. In 1996 the construction of the gallery was dismantled in favor of a more traditional one, getting a lot of criticism. Last December, the inauguration of the upper room, rearranged according to the project of Bo, was considered by the locals as a symbolic gesture and the most important cultural event in recent years [...]"

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