Under Threat: Hong Kong´s Central Market
Hong Kong, 1939
DATE: 0/0/0
Hong Kong’s Central Market was constructed in 1939 in Streamline Modern architectural style. 
The building is extremaly valuable, not only for its high architectural value, as one of the few remaining of this Bauhaus-influenced style in Hong Kong but also because its national historical importance. Its localisation has roots in the first half of XIX Century, when the first public market was erected in this spot. Furthermore, it was one of the first buildings in Hong Kong to include wet market, above-ground toilets and female public toilet.
The building served its function, as a provider of daily needs for the community as well as the meeting and social space, until its closure in 2003. Since then it is abandoned and unused. 
The buildings integrity is now endangered, after adaptive reuse plan was presented. Although it is a great initiative, the project proposes removal of several building’s characteristics including the facade facing Des Voeux Road, original Market Stalls and public toilets. These features are planned to be removed in favour of new replacement, design of which was sadly not included the adaptation project. The value of these elements should be appreciated, thus, their demolition should definitely be reconsidered.

More details including the possibility to propose a comment to aforementioned adaptation project (deadline 8th January 2016) can be found on this website.