Restoration: Santa Fe Federal Savings and Loan Building
by E. Stewart Williams, Palm Springs, California, USA
DATE: 0/0/0
"Designed in 1960 by renowned mid-century Modern architect E. Stewart Williams for the Santa Fe Federal Savings and Loan, the glass pavilion in downtown Palm Springs reflects the optimistic view that beautiful design could both educate and inspire. The original building was one of more than ten banks and bank complexes created by Williams in his career that fulfilled the changing needs of the postwar banking business. The building’s simple and elegant architecture helped define the new transparency of the bank in a rapidly growing resort town. Williams long considered the building one of his finest. He stated that one of his goals for the project was ´to achieve, if possible, a quality within the space enclosed that elevates the human spirit above the level of mere daily existence´. [...]
Restoring the structure to its original beauty and simplicity has recaptured its forward-looking spirit, transforming the glass-and-steel building into a leading example of innovative design that respects the past and embraces current technology. A prime example of midcentury Modern design, the Palm Springs Art Museum Architecture and Design Center is an ideal site for the exhibition and study of architecture and design and the preservation of Palm Springs’ architectural legacy."

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