Demolition Threat: IGS Mühlenberg
Hannover, Germany, 1973
DATE: 0/0/0
The Integrierte Gesantschule (IGS) Mühlenberg (Comprehensive School of Mühlenberg) is the largest school in Hannover. The building dates back to 1973 and it was constructed with a purpose of creating of a "learning factory" - enourmous usable space provided the possibility for even eight classes per year. Architect´s focus on scale and size led to few significant problems with building´s funcionality i.e. : unfavorable acoustics and deficiency of sunlight in some of classrooms, among some minor ones. Nevertheless the building´s architectural and historical value speaks for the need of renovation not demolition as it is planned. With a part of new building already constructed, the described one is expected to be demolished in near future. 
It is urgent to act before its complete demolition. For that reason, docomomo International would like raise awareness for this case and express its full support for the social initiative against the destruction of aforementioned building, in the struggle of preserving the identity of this architectural example for the future generations.