Under Threat: GTC Shopping Centre
by Zivko Popovski, Skopje, Macedonia, 1969-1973
DATE: 22/7/2015
The Gradski Trgovski Centar, also Known as GTC Shopping Centre - a post-war commercial building in Skopje - designed by Zivko Popovski and dating back to 1973, is facing an eminent complete renovation that will irretrievably transform and destroy this significant Modern Movement architecture. 

The changes proposed to redesign the Skopje GTC Shopping Centre are associated with a major urban development program, sponsored by the government, known as Skopje 2014 plan, which aims to change the image of much of the city centre inspired by a classical antiquity language. 

It will be a great loss to erase the original principles of the project that made possible the creation of an outstanding exemple of architectural quality with great historic interest. It is urgent to act before the complete alteration.

For this reason, DOCOMOMO International would like to encourage everyone to join the conducted efforts of the macedonian architects and experts in the struggle of preserving the identity and authenticity of this architectural example for the future generations.

Ana Tostőes, Chair of DOCOMOMO International, will address a formal letter to the local authorities in order to call the attention to the necessity of safeguarding and preserving the Skopje´s GTC Shopping Centre for postority.

Many protests have been held to fight against the destruction of the building, such as the protection campaigns organized by the Association of Macedonian Architects (AAM) - "I Love GTC" and "I Love GTC More Than Ever" - which can be access through the following link: website.

Image by Sinisa Jakov Marusic.