Demolition Threat: La Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie (CPAM), Les Briques Rouges
by Paul Chemetov, Vigneux, l’Ile de France, France, 1972
DATE: 31/7/2015
"La Caisse Primaire d´Assurance Maladie" (CPAM) designed by the architect Paul Chemetov, in Vigneux, and dating back to 1972, is facing an eminent complete demolition that will irretrievably destroy this significant Modern Movement architecture. This building integrates the "Briques Rouges" - a housing complex made up by 273 low-rent housing spread over several buildings built between 1964-1967 in Vigneux (France).

The "Briques Rougex" was certified 20th century heritage (December 2008) by the Ministry of Culture, together with the facilities that accompany, among those the mall, the home to the elderly (1963) and "La Caisse Primaire d´Assurance Maladie" (CPAM). A recent order of the city council of Vigneux refers to the destruction of this last one. It will be a great loss to erase the original principals of the project that made possible the creation of an outstanding exemple of architectural quality with great historic interest. In addition to its architectural quality, the CPAM building is distinguished by a ceramic mural made by Paul Foujino (1925-1982). Part of the work of Paul Foujino has just been accepted by the Museum Modern Art of the City of Paris to join to his background.

It is urgent to act before the complete demolition. For that reason, DOCOMOMO International would like to encourage everyone to join the conducted efforts of the architects and experts, worldwide, in the struggle of preserving the identity of this architectural example for the future generations. Anyone interested to react has just two months from 18th June 2015, that is until next 18th August.

The “Briques rouges” (7 buildings, the shopping center and the CPAM) will be subject for a publication and an exhibition at the Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine, dedicated to AUA (l’Atelier d’Urbanisme et d’Architecture) from 29th October 2015 to 29th February 2016.