Moscow Dinamo Stadium 1927-1936
Langman and Cherikover
DATE: 0/0/0
Docomomo Russia has informed us that in the last weeks the situation of the famous Dinamo stadium built in 1927-1936 has got worse. It was the largest stadium of its time, made by well-known architects Langman and Cherikover.

During some illegal processes official status of this stadium was changed from monument to so called "place of interest” which means that developer can make virtually anything there.

Anna Bronovitskaya, Secretary General of Docomomo Russia, sent an official letter to Moscow Mayor explaining the whole situation (he officially has 30 days to answer) but meanwhile developer´s workers have already started to demolish the stadium complex.

The following PDF has the information on the letter written to the Mayor of Moscow (in English and Russian) and some images of the building. You can also see more information at the following web pages:

Interview with developer and picture of demolition: developer
Sculpture reliefs made by famous sculpturer Merkurov: Merkurov 
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Docomomo Russia letter: docomomo_ru
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